Personal Training and Fitness Business Forms

La and orange county Dave and I loved running my own fitness and personal training business, but when I started I was frustrated attempting to make sure I had all the legal and training forms I needed for myself and my clients.

I scoured the internet, compared dozens of documents from all sorts of different sources, spent plenty of cash on lawyers, and took a lot of futurity up with the core forms that I needed for my fitness business.

I knew there needed to be a way, so I took all the work and created The Fitness Pro’s Deluxe Forms Kit.

Here’s your simple, inexpensive resource its the customizable forms you need your fitness or personal training business working.

That’s right, as well as the Forms Kit, I’m offering you Plr to two products you could begin using immediately.

One is a Personal Fitness and Exercise Log that people can use to track their workouts, and the other is a Healthy Eating Cookbook that contains over 100 healthy recipes.

And, if you pick The Fitness Pro’s Deluxe Forms Kit now, I’m going to offer you the rights to use these products at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Private Label Rights, or PLR, means that I will provide you with the unprotected, fully-editable files (in Microsoft Word format) of both the Workout Journal and the Healthy Eating Cookbook.

You can edit them as you wish, name yourself as the author, develop your own title, add your own material, take material out, or use them as is.

You could go to or and actually publish the Workout Journal as a physical book. You could sell it to your clients, market it on your web site or blog, even get it listed for sale on Amazon. You could do the same with the Healthy Eating Cookbook, or you might turn it into an ebook that you as a bonus with another product, as an incentive to get visitors to register for your email list, or you’ll sell it online as an immediate download. (Clickbank is awesome for that btw.)

You could have the material and cut it up, creating a Recipe each week product that you could deliver via email autoresponder. Or you’ll use it as content on your web site or blog, either as free material or within a paid membership section. There are numerous possibilities.

The only limit is your imagination. (Well, that and the fact that you can’t go and sell the PLR rights to anyone else.)

As you have seen, the Cookbook is over 130 pages. The Workout Log is just under 100 pages, but you can make it whatever length you want by adding or subtracting workout log sheets. With Private Label Rights, you can edit either one to your hearts content. You’ll save dozens of hours of your valuable time, and you will get these books now, with the Forms Kit, for ONLY $59! That’s less than the price tag on one personal training session.

Here are the official Do’s and Don’ts where the PLR products are concerned that the lawyer says we need to tell you:

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