WP Freshstart Review

WP Freshstart Review

WP Freshstart Review

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If you’re whatsoever much like me, you most likely hate doing effort

Whenever I take advantage of a whole new WordPress site and tweak the designs and acquire it ready for your search engines like yahoo like google, I consider that plain ol’ effort.

Plus it takes me roughly a couple of hours to make it work each time.

But I’m smiling from ear to ear right now around must be new computer software just showed up in this area that reduces that effort lower to merely 7 seconds!

Literally all that you ought to do is switch on many and then click the “Start” button.

That’s it.

This program does all of this with one click:

WP Freshstart Review

Vendor:SimpleSpencer et al
Product:WP Freshstart
Launch Date:2013-11-15
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price:$7-$27

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WP Freshstart – What is it ?

Whenever I install a new WordPress site and tweak the settings and  get it ready for the search engines, I consider that plain ol’ grunt work.

And it takes me roughly 30 minutes to do it each time. But I’m smiling from ear to ear right now because a new piece of software

just came out that shrinks that grunt work down to just 7 seconds! Literally all you have to do is fire up this software and click the “Start” button.

WP Freshstart – Main Features

The software does all of this with one click of the mouse:

[+] Automatically creates ALL of the pages that Google and other search
engines love to see (About Page, Contact Page, Legal Pages, etc)

[+] Automatically removes the sample WordPress posts, pages, and comments
so that you don’t have to bother removing them yourself

[+] Automatically adjusts the permalinks setting to /post-name/
so that search engines find your site easier

[+] Automatically changes the comment moderation settings
so that your inbox isn’t spammed with a bunch of junk

All of that in just ONE click.

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WP Freshstart – Cost:

Maybe after searching at good quality functions of WP Freshstart, you think it’ll be pricey, right? NO! It simply costs $7-$27 on price . For me personally, this is often a soft cost with an awesome WordPress wordpress plugin to help you to enhance traffic aimed at your website with 1 click!. You might want to ought to be NOW when the cost at least expensive. Because the cost increases . So if you opt to utilize it, quickly to have it currently around!

WP Freshstart – Conclusion:

I’m hoping this review will allow you to uncover a new challenge to acquire success with WP Freshstart. However when you feel this publish still insufficient understanding,just be sure to take a look at more here. And if you select to obtain product to enhance your wages. Sympli to be now. So be quickly before offer finish, Your decision, and yourself success.

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  1. Hi Team,
    When using this plugin in one of my wordpress sites, there comes the warning error when clicking “Run” button, as attached, what’s it? why it shows out?


  2. After I install pages and info, can I delete plugin and add as needed?
    Will I lose verbiage on disclaimers? Thanks

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