WP Empire Builder 3.0

WP Empire Builder 3.0 WordPress Plugin – Launches multiple money sites, fully-loaded with ALL your favorite plugins and themes… IN 29 SECONDS

WP Empire Builder 3.0 – WordPress is considered one of several perfect domain platforms for various needs. Quite a few for blogging and site-building, as an affiliate, as a direct seller, and many more. Sadly, WordPress can’t provide all you have to – and that’s why plug ins including the WP Empire Builder 3.0 are constantly being developed to help boost the platform’s performance.

WP Empire Builder 3.0 – About Product

Creator: George Katsoudas
Product:WP Empire Builder 3.0
Niche: Software
Launch Day : 2015 –01 – 15
Launch Time :11:00 AM EDT
Price :$ 27
Official Website :http://wpempirebuilder.com/

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The WP Empire Builder 3.0 is only that – it helps you create an EMPIRE of Wp Web-sites in a matter of seconds. An automated plug in that permits you to customize WordPress domains with your favorite plug-ins along with themes.

The largest selling point of this product is that it may do all this in 29 seconds. That isn’t 1 WordPress web-site per 29 seconds but rather, 10 WordPress web-sites in under half a minute.

Who am i ?

The developer of the WP Empire Builder 3.0 Wp Plugin is George Katsoudas who’s not a stranger to web-site optimization. A successful affiliate marketer, he started developing the Wp plug-in after his own site got hacked. After spending large sums of money resorting his domain, he figured out that there has to be a simpler method this.

What is WP Empire Builder 3.0 ?

WP Empire Builder 3.0 WordPress Plugin – Launches multiple money sites, fully-loaded with ALL your favorite plugins and themes… IN 29 SECONDS

WP Empire Builder is the world’s FASTEST way to launch WordPress sites.

The plugin turns a normal WordPress site into a customized, souped-up version of WordPress Multisite with one click.

This enables you to run unlimited WordPress sites (even on separate domains), from the same WordPress installation, without installing and activating plugins and themes over and over.

It will be possible to pump out sites faster than any other time, and focus on what you need: growing their business and making money.

How WP Empire Builder 3.0 Works?

The plug-in basically works as a comprehensive WordPress website founder and update automation. It gives you the opportunity to control in addition to update your website through only one plug-in. Now, you may well be thinking about another plug-in that basically does exactly the same thing called the Wp Multisite.

Empire Builder is an improved version of the Multisite, providing features that aren’t available in the older version. Don’t get confused though, these 2 plug-ins come from two very different developers.

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Feature Of WP Empire Builder 3.0

WP Empire Builder adds the NITROUS to WordPress Multisite. Here’s what this baby does:

One-click set up:

In order to enable the Multisite function, you would normally have to “modify PHP code in a config file manually.” This is hard, and confusing.
With ONE click, WP Empire Builder transforms your “normal” WordPress site into a customised version of WordPress Multisite.
Simple navigation:

The default Multisite set-up is like a maze that would make Daedalus proud.
WP Empire Builder makes the navigation of your WordPress Multisite brain-dead-simple to use.
You can even install it on top of an EXISTING Multisite set-up, to make it simpler to navigate
Activate, update and manage plugins and themes easily:

You can MASS activate and deactivate a plugin or theme for all you sites from ONE screen.
You can also update the VERSION of WordPress, your plugins or themes for your sites with some clicks.
Another HUGE time saver.
Automatic creation of domains, subdirectories and subdomains:

When you launch a new WordPress site in a subdomain or a totally new domain, you always need to first create those in your cPanel (or via FTP).
WP Empire Builder uses the cPanel API to automate this process for you. The cPanel info stays within YOUR server. At NO point are the cPanel credentials shown “out in the open.”
Add new sites inside of 30 seconds:

You can select the title and the description of your site.
It’s also possible to add new blank child sites to your network, and import content from EXISTING WordPress sites you own. That way, you may use WP Empire Builder in case you have existing WordPress sites.
Access and manage ALL your sites quickly, from one screen:

You can access ALL your websites directly through ONE WordPress dashboard. You can login out and in of the dashboard of your child sites while not having to remember different usernames and passwords for all.
You won’t believe present I forgot the account of one of my WordPress sites, and had to spend hours trying to recover them from the database.
Control the access level of your clients:

If you host and manage WordPress sites for clients, you can select if you allow them login to their sites and add content and make modifications – or, in order to restrict their access to the website (if they’re new to this and don’t really know what they are doing).
Clone posts and pages to your other sites, with one click:

clone post For those who have several sites in the same niche and the visitors of both of them would enjoy the content. You can clone a post or page and then slightly edit it on your new site.
Should you have “legal” pages on your site like “contact us”, “privacy policy” etc, you can recreate them with ONE click on ANY your sites. Another huge time saver.

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Who Would Buy WP Empire Builder 3.0?

The product can be utilized by 2 types of WordPress users. The 1st category is for direct owners who’re maintaining three or higher WordPress web-sites & would choose to expand their operation.

If you’re currently dabbling in several niches or only want to make sure that all your websites are at their optimum performance, then the WP Empire Builder 3.0 Wp Plugin would definitely be a good solution.

If you handle WordPress sites for several customers, then this plug-in can improve your productivity as well without limiting the grade of your work.


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