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EZ Review Videos Evaluation

With video clip advertising and marketing ending up being much more prominent every day, there are a great deal of different business out there that are now providing some kind of video clip advertising based item. In this EZ Review Videos evaluate, I’ll be having a look at one such item that has lately struck the market and asserts to allow you to produce top quality testimonial video clips that will assist to offer your items much better using real-time actors to introduce as well as include integrity for them.

The sales pitch for this item was quite encouraging, and truthfully, I was a bit enthusiastic.

As quickly as I made my initial acquisition, I rapidly understood that it was merely going to be another among those items that is made to be alluring on the front-end, however is there to aim to really get you to invest thousands of bucks in upsells for upgrades and related items.

Regretfully, this is coming to be an increasing number of a pattern when it involves offering training courses and also products associated with internet marketing. Keeping that stated, allow’s have a look at exactly what some of the deals appeared like in this sales funnel.

Upsell # 1– EZ Review Videos Agency

The first one-time offer that I was given was, essentially for licensing civil liberties to be able to sell video clips to local companies as commercials. For an additional $47, you could pick up 8 commercials together with a pre-done website.

While this does sound fantastic in theory, the issue with this upsell is that while you do have accessibility to pre-done commercials, you can not really alter just what the private stars are stating in the message.

Normally when you’re selling video clip marketing to local customers, they wish to deliver their very own message, not something that is cookie-cutter and also out-of-the-box.

For some people, selling pre-done advertising and marketing videos may be an excellent choice, but I directly located that many business wish to be able to produce their very own video messages and advertisements.

Upsell # 2– More Templates

After declining the very first one time offer, I was rapidly escorted to a down sell offering additional templates to make use of with the EZ Review Videos core program.

Out of every one of the once provides that I saw, this is the just one that I would certainly’ve possibly considered buying if I was planning on utilizing the program actively. It’s valued at $27, and also consists of 120 extra video, 40 histories, and also 40 soundtracks. While yes, I’m not too fond of once deals, I might see this being useful relying on just how often somebody was mosting likely to be making use of the software.

Upsell # 3– EZ Reputation Management

The final single deal that I was offered was to purchase an added program called EZ Reputation Management. I could not assist but assume that this one was extremely loosely connected to the EZ Review Videos.

I could see how creating a track record management firm might be useful if you’re trying to market solutions only to neighborhood services, yet I had not been truly looking to use EZ Review Videos for regional customers to begin with.

With all 3 of these one-time deals, there was one thing that actually stuck out to me as being a little bit of an undecided sales procedure, and that was the link that I clicked to get from the one-time provides in the first place. That link read:

Note just how this in fact says “I comprehend that it’s a deal that I’ll never ever have the ability to see once more.” So, visualize my shock when in the intro video clip inside of the training course I was in fact told “not to stress if I didn’t get the offers I could constantly go back as well as add them at any time.” This is a tactic called “shortage advertising,” however in this instance, there really is no scarcity whatsoever.

So all those offers that I saw on the front end that I would allegedly never ever see once more, I would’ve been rather disturbed if I had actually bought them just to find out I might get them at any time later on.

Another Issue

Other than the one-time deals, I did encounter one added problem they sort of badgered me prior to even getting into the program itself. This was the fact that along with my username and password, I likewise received an e-mail that notified me I was registered for “members only webinar.”

It struck me as odd that before I also had the ability to login, I was already registered in a webinar. I cannot assist however really feel more than particular that this is going to be yet an additional sales pitch for extra items.

Thinking about the fact that there’s a banner at the end of every page within the software program advised me to attend this webinar, I’m pretty certain that my car enrolment right into the webinar is going to remain in order to participate in another sales pitch.

Introduction Of EZ Review Videos

The initial thing that I intended to bring up with this item is that the designers are rather well known online.

Matt Bush has actually developed many advertising related services and products with most of them pertaining to video clip advertising, and also Todd Gross is a popular video star/ marketing expert with a background in weather forecasting. Now let’s take a look at exactly what this program really has to provide.

When inside the members location, I found the intro video clip that I mentioned above. Essentially, it showed me specifically where I should enter order to discover points such as training and video creation devices.

It also made sure to discuss all things that I would not be able to see because I really did not acquire any one of the one-time deals. Nonetheless, as I did state over, it additionally stated that I might add these one-time deals any time as well as unlock them promptly within my participants area.

When I ended up with the introduction video clip I goinged to the training programs to have a look as well as see exactly what the item was about. Inside, I located 9 videos describing how you can create these review themes making use of the program and also how to download them when I was completed.

Overall, I found the editing of the videos to be fairly simple, as well as there were several fascinating video clips that might be utilized in the creation of videos for internet marketing.

Generally, this whole program is a collection of supply video clips fired before an environment-friendly display to ensure that you could replace backdrops conveniently and also add layers on top of them with message call to actions.

In all, the video creation process is rather easy, but the issue that I can see swiftly establishing is the fact that there are only six stars available.

With several online marketers making use of the same six actors for endorsement functions, you can imagine exactly how swiftly videos would be turning up online for inadequately created items with the same stars recommending them, as the product you are aiming to advertise.

When initially utilizing these clips, they could be effective for your service or your customers, however ultimately over time as more video clips appear online with the same stars– your organisation might be related to some recognized hustlers in the marketing world.

An episode of Friends in fact enters your mind when I consider this item, as Joey was modeling for the Health Department without recognizing what the ad was mosting likely to be. He later on found his photo on a poster that checked out “You never ever know that has VD.”

Stop and also believe for simply a moment that you are advertising a car dealer as an example in your neighborhood home town, as well as utilized one of these video. While every little thing could be terrific originally, if a company somewhere else in the country utilized the same supply video as well as was sued for swindling their consumers, how would certainly it make your firm look considering that you used the same actor.

Even even worse, imagine just how upset would certainly your customer would be when they found out that the exact same person on their video clip advertisement was the one who was recommending the other auto lot concerned also. It can result in some rather negative promotion for your customer, as well as leave you explaining just how that exact same actor was showcased in another advertisement.

Additionally, what type of referral marketing do you assume that customer would certainly be giving your ad agency after an occasion such as this?

That Is EZ Review Videos For?

Truthfully, with the concern discussed over, I need to say that I would certainly not advise purchasing this product to anyone that intends to run a long-term company. Yes, it does provide an extremely simple to utilize user interface with some great functionality when it pertains to getting some professional looking introductions, testimonials, and other live-action video shots.

Nevertheless, considering that it is stock footage that any individual could be using for any promotion that they desire, it’s difficult to inform that you may be associated with, or who you might obtain your clients associated with somewhere else on the web.

While the creators of this product have no control over this, it is merely something that is far as well big of an issue to neglect. At the end of the day, the credibility of your advertising and marketing business falls back on you, and also if others determine to be unethical online, using a product similar to this might potentially stain your credibility as a top quality business using these types of getting in touch with solutions.

EZ Review Videos Pros

There were a few things that I really like about this product consisting of:

Easy To Use Interface
EZ Review Videos has a user interface within it makes it a breeze to be able to add message and also various other overlays on top of your video clips while likewise replacing the history behind the star. While this can be done much more precisely with software such as Camtasia, I do need to offer credit scores to the fact that EZ Review Videos has made it a snap and kept the entire process online.
Suitable Acting
I anticipated the acting in the video clips to be extremely dry. I was really quite pleased to find that the acting in the video clips provided with EZ Review Videos is pretty good. It’s not mosting likely to be winning any kind of Academy Awards, yet it’s additionally much better than finding somebody on the road without acting experience.
Good Background Selections
If you have any kind of experience in all digital backgrounds, they’re pretty pricey. I was impressed with the number of electronic backgrounds came included with the software for the price that I paid.
EZ Review Videos Cons

Currently there were a number of points that I wasn’t excited with nonetheless, including:

Numerous Upsells
As I’ve stated various times the past, I’m not a follower of upsells. An item must suffice to stand on its own, right out of package, without you having to spend thousands of dollars right into extra pieces of the puzzle.
OTOs That Aren’t OTOs
Having an one-time offer, that you will allegedly never see again, then suddenly re-emerge inside of the participants location for acquisition, is sort of a slap in the face. This eliminates depend on and reputation prior to I even have the opportunity to check out the training course.
Stock Footage Clips
Given that the makers hand over control to private online marketers, it’s tough to inform exactly what products and services are going to be “recommended” by their actors. In my point of view, it’s just too risky when you’re building an organisation to have this sort of responsibility.
Errors Out Of The Box
While the software was quite easy to make use of, I did run into a couple of errors when I was trying to really produce videos for testing objectives. As you could see in the pictures listed below, I experienced multiple mistakes while aiming to change the backgrounds of the video clips before finally obtaining one to be successful.


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