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Article Wholesaler Lifetime Membership Review – 70% Discount + Bonus
July 8, 2014 by admin

Article Wholesaler Lifetime Membership

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“For just The expense of A McDonald’s Meal, You Get 25 Top Shelf Articles Each Month With PLR… Without Having To Writing A Single Word of Them”

Just grab one of the few remaining memberships to our exclusive site and watch as all of the content writing is done every month for you… Simply decide where you need to use the content in your internet business and the hard work is finished…
What Can Joining Do For Your Internet Business?

Benefit #1: Send Your Website Soaring To The Top Of Google Rankings!

Fact: Nothing will boost your search engine rankings faster than quality original content plastered all over your website.

All the major Search Engines are using a new technology called Duplicate Content Detection or DCD for short. DCD scans your entire website, then goes out and compares it against the rest of the Web Pages located on the Internet.

If too many other sites are using the same content which you have on your website, your site will get penalized and your rankings lowers. If your site drops too far in google listings you’ll see your free search engine traffic quickly dry up.

After all, how many people will search through many more pages of search engines until they find your website listing? The correct answer is practically none.

As a member of, you’ll rest easy at night knowing that you don’t have to settle for other websites having the same content as you. You employ a fresh supply of 25 articles from a new niche every month .

This content is only available to our members. Simply pick which articles you need to use as content and you’re finished. Your content will keep your website fresh for your website visitors and the search engines will be delighted. Instead of worrying about being penalized for duplicate content, your site can reach and keep high serps.

Benefit #2: Attract Hoards Of New Subscribers And Keep Current Ones Loyal Until E-mail Becomes Obsolete…

Every day, hundreds of new websites are born online. E-commerce has gone from being a “flash in the pan” to a potential business powerhouse operating in cyberspace. Let’s face it: As the Internet becomes more business oriented, you need something to stay ahead of the crowd to attract and build a subscriber list.

The days of just asking people to give their email address has ended. It is advisable to give them the reasons why they should give up their email and contact information. Your visitors expect to be sold now. They know the proverbial “pitch” is coming. And if you don’t give them something of extremely high “perceived value” for taking your mailing list, then they won’t give you their email address.

The possibilities are practically endless. If you are using all of my, you have great content for countless “power-packed” eCourses and Free Reports.

Benefit #3: Use Our Exclusive Content To Create Dozens of Incentives For Your Subscribers!

The fact remains, having the ability to provide quality content will probably keep your subscribers happy.

If you consistently send informative & interesting information to your list, are going to more than happy to go the websites selling products that you suggest to them. That’s because you have become a trusted ally instead of nagging, whiny salesman.

We Give You Enough Content To Spread Out Over Years If You Choose So! And Your Subscribers Will Always Happy 🙂

Benefit #4: Make Your Products 100% Unique

Perhaps you have seen dozens of products out there that are utilizing the same bonus products to package with their paid product? This is business suicide!

Nothing says “I’m being cheap and lazy” than a product that has the same bonus items that 40 other sites are offering. Or worse, bonuses which can be found for free on other websites!

As a member, you can quickly add 100% original bonus items to your products. Just choose what content you need from the 25 articles you can get each month, repackage them into an ebook with your website information on it.

Voila! You just created original Bonus Items that make your paid product even more powerful.

A customer will be more likely to buy and trust a website that offers unique, original bonuses and products. It shows that the business really wants their customers to get value from their products.

Benefit #5: Quickly Create Your Own “Guru” Status In A New Niche

Let me ask you a question… Are you hoping to seriously increase your online income?

Nothing Says “Top Notch Professional”
More Than Someone Who Is
Constantly Producing Fresh Content
That Various Markets Love.

In case you are providing new information for your subscribers every week they will view you as being on the “cutting edge” of the market.

They will know that you have your finger firmly on the pulse of your market and will recognize you as the #1 Authority about them.

Nothing brings in more Joint Ventures, links to your sites, and public recognition than being viewed as an expert in your market.

Gaining this business edge means you will gain more sales, higher income, while doing less work.

9 Methods Pull in a Hefty Income Using
The Premium Content in…

Create Quality E-books That Your Customers Will Love…

Package the 25 Articles as a Free Report That Other People Can Give Away To Promote Your Niche Site.

Create a Content Packed Site and Put Your Google Adsense Code Into Every Page… Instant Hands-Free Adsense Income!

Choose From 25 Articles Every Month and Just Load Your Autoresponder To Send Out 1 Article Each Week — You Have Your Newsletter Done For Month!

Add a Monthly eCourse to Your Products as a Bonus… Reduce Refunds Because They Want The Rest of the Quality eCourse That Continues Past the Refund Deadline!

Use the Articles To Attract New Subscribers and Clients To Opt-In… Then Use A lot of Articles To Follow-up With Them and Make Additional Special Offers.

Package the Articles Into a Full-fledged Product and Sell It!

Submit the Articles Under Your Name To Article Directories… Get More Traffic, Links To Your Site, and Higher Search engine ranking positions.

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Create E-books You can Plug Affiliate Links Into… Generate Additional Affiliate Income For You or Someone Else.
That’s are just some of the things you can do with this high quality content.

Imagine several of the other things you can use this content for! It isn’t hard to see all the options that you’ve got with this content.

Of course, this isn’t from any of the software generated garbage being passed off as content on many websites. This is content created by experienced writers — so you can be proud to display, share, and sell this information with your customers.

My writers are working hard to be sure that you get 25 fresh articles every month so you never uses up fresh content. And you could enter all our well-researched niches to help you do business selling products in that niche!

Every month, you get a new niche so you can create your own multiple streams of income.

Your customers (and competitors) will wonder, “How are you producing so much great content?” Of course, they’ll never know your secret weapon — your membership to Article Wholesaler!


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